Sentence Examples with the word bloodline

A single marble obelisk marked the bloodline and legacy of a once powerful clan.

An ancient bloodline of immortals, one of the oldest, he replied.

The mines have gone empty, and the women barren since the rightful dhjan bloodline has been cast from the land.

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He began to believe Kris was right about the bloodline of his mate's family.

Tim had been prepared for this day by two generations of ambitious men who intended to see someone of their bloodline in the seat of power.

The little boy cut through the central square, where neat stone walkways hedged by vibrant grass wound around the familial obelisks marking the bloodline and succession of each noble house.

And no nishani in his bloodline had failed to produce an heir the first year.

You might have an Immortal bloodline somewhere in your ancestry or a simple mutation.

He was the first of his bloodline to earn one, and the coin-shaped pendant was new and bright.

He couldn.t bring himself to include Rhyn in the picture and hoped Katie came to her senses one day and dumped the half-demon before the worst happened, and she ended up extending the bloodline of the loose cannon that was her mate.