Sentence Examples with the word blonde

She was nearly as tall as he, a natural blonde or the customer of a very good beautician.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, brushing one blonde lock from her face.

Anderson were studying the Eskimo in and around Victoria I., where they discovered the so-called blonde Eskimo, who had never previously encountered white men.

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With his choice of prey, he narrowed in on a gorgeous blonde who seemed out of place, one of the few not wearing fangs or dressed from head-to-foot in black.

She had long blonde hair like spun silk, a perfectly proportioned figure and blue-green eyes that made you feel you were looking into the sea.

Her long blonde hair, unfastened, cascaded about her shoulders.

Jessi went to the kitchen and got herself a mug then returned to the porch and sat down in the chair with its back to the blonde on the beach.

Under his spell, the blonde wasn't going to be phased by the display of magic, while Ingrid already knew he was the real thing.

As if sensing the same, the blonde bowed her head in deferment without moving.

It was two years ago and one of my roommates yanked my long, golden blonde hair.