Sentence Examples with the word blond

A gust of wind whipped at her full skirt and tossed her long blond curls into the air.

She was taller than Howie but rail thin and possessed an engaging smile, long blond hair and arresting blue eyes.

It was the blond special security woman, Elise, who burst into the med center.

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The blond deity with multi-hued eyes and a quick smile was dressed for a dressage event, complete with helmet and crop.

Romas was a towering example of male perfection: blond with golden skin and bright blue eyes, a chiseled face and buff body, and tall.

He looked to be about her age and his blond hair was neatly combed into a fashionable style.

The blond man at Clarissa's side looked familiar, but the name gave no clue to where she might have seen him.

She gave blond curls a quick lift with her fingers.

Linda flashed her a strained smile that made her feel welcome for the first time in a week before the pretty brunette gave the blond man, Lon, a hug and kiss.

One of Natalie's fingers twisted a curly blond lock while the other hand held a thumb firmly in her mouth.