Sentence Examples with the word blocks

When the loads are heavy the above mechanisms are supplemented by systems of purchase blocks suspended from the jib or the traveller crab; and in barrel cranes trains of rotating gearing are interposed between the motor, or manual handle, and the barrel (fig.

Lyons), who died after 22 B.C. It is a circular structure of blocks of travertine 160 ft.

It may even be necessary for fine printing to repeat this a third time, especially if the forme includes blocks of any kind.

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Undaunted, he walked the four blocks to the bar on Diamond.

The ropes are spaced laterally by the blocks B, B, B, B, which also serve to prevent them from slipping sideways.

The designs of Mr Herbert Baker were accepted for two large blocks of identical design connected by a semicircular colonnade (passing behind the narrow kloof which bisects the shelf).

She surprised by her unexpected visit and I am sorely inconvenienced by her presence that blocks my egress.

The Arslan Tepe lion-hunt and certain blocks from Marash and Jerablus) being not more certainly wall-dados than stelae.

The islands are volcanic, the main geological formation being Tertiary or Jurassic basalt, which occasionally protrudes through the ice-cap in high isolated blocks near the shore.

He also made great progress in the art of wood-engraving, and with the money he received for a series of blocks Lfor a work called Walks about Dorchester, he printed and published his first book, Orra, a Lapland Tale, in 1822.