Sentence Examples with the word blocked

The delta arms sometimes remain blocked with ice the whole year round.

Covering the higher parts of the south-western Palaeozoic area in most places are rolling hills of boulder clay or stony moraines; while the lower levels are plains gently sloping toward the nearest of the Great Lakes and sheeted with silt deposited in more ancient lakes when the St Lawrence outlet was blocked with ice at the end of the glacial period.

This became blocked in the middle ages, but was reopened by Paul V.

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Jonny blocked her from going to her cousin.

His power swelled, until dark clouds blocked the desert sun.

It now appeared that the enemy had dammed the sweet-water canal and blocked the railway at Tell-el-Mahuta, where entrenchments had been thrown up and resistance seemed to be contemplated.

Not far off are mineral springs by the coast (Neptuniae aquae), known to the Romans and still in use - except one containing arsenic which was blocked up both by the ancients and again in 1839 as a precaution.

You blocked her, not Rhyn.

On many maps it is marked as the Bahr-el-Arab, a designation also used as an alternative name for the Lol l another tributary of the Ghazal, which eventually unites with the Bahr-el-Homr. The Bahr-el-Homr in its lower reaches was in 1906 completely blocked by sudd, and then brought no water into the Bahr-el-Ghazal.

He started to move past them but Dean blocked the way.