Sentence Examples with the word block

The lodge was in the next block and once again mirrored the others he'd visited since this business began.

Three figures emerged to block her path.

The immortals in the cell block threw out their best offers, and she couldn't help the sense of terror settling into her gut.

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The white block walls of the dairy remained solid, but the windows were dark.

In marking machines in some foreign mints the groove is in the periphery of the revolving wheel, and the grooved block is curved (fig.

A Gilbertine nunnery, founded later in the same century, stood adjacent to the church, and portions of the buildings appear in an existing block of almshouses.

I walked down the entire block but there weren't any people.

Taking a few steps back she gripped the ax half way down on the handle and slammed it down against the block of wood with a dull whack.

Difficulty and pain in swallowing may be complained of when the cancer is beginning to block the inlet, but if it is situated at the pylorus the discomfort comes on an hour or two after a meal - at the time that the partially digested food is trying to make its way into the small intestine.

Another from the same place was a small cubical block of limestone bearing a dedication to Heracles.