Sentence Examples with the word blinded

She blinked, blinded by the brightness of the morning sun streaming into the catacombs.

The bright chamber blinded him.

Brilliant sunlight blinded her after days of grey, and she blinked at the bright, familiar blue sky.

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Some said that the gods had blinded him because he had revealed to men what they ought not to know.

Every thought of the bastard who had my wife in his sick clutches nearly blinded me with the rage of a mad man.

Lycurgus was blinded by Zeus and soon died, or became frantic and hewed down his own son, mistaking him for a vine.

But the great wisdom of Peisistratus is shown most clearly in the skill with which he blinded the people to his absolutism.

Her words struck his core, and for a moment he was blinded by the incensed need to destroy any such threat.

The engine turned over once and then headlights blinded her until he turned the car around.

The sudden brightness blinded her, and she shielded her eyes.