Sentence Examples with the word blended

In his noble soul love and widest knowledge were blended with faith that had become insight.

Among the popular preachers vigour was often blended with coarseness and vulgarity.

It blended the Christian element of love with the ecstatic vision of Plotinus, sometimes giving the former a decided predominance.

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The dean of the Arches originally had jurisdiction over the thirteen London parishes above mentioned, but as the official principal was often absent as ambassador on the continent, he became his substitute, and gradually the two offices were blended together.

They are inspired also by a fervid and steadfast glow of spirit and reveal a gentleness and humanity of sentiment blended with the severe gravity of the original Roman character.

His exquisite strains, in which pure imagination is blended with most accurate and realistic descriptions of scenery and rural life, have an extraordinary charm not easily described.

In many specimens there were three or more layers of differently coloured glass, and curious effects of blended colour were obtained by cutting through, or partly through, the different layers.

Pairs of deities whose personalities are often blended or interchanged are Hathor and Nut, Sakhmi and Pakhe, Seth and Apophis.

All was blended into one brilliant procession.

For some markets these wines are shipped separately, for others they are blended according to the prevalent taste.