Sentence Examples with the word bleached

These pipes are made up in small bundles, bleached in sulphur fumes in a closed chest, assorted into sizes, and so prepared for the plaiters.

The bleached rhubarb, which has a very delicate flavour, is altered by covering the young leaves, as they sprout from the soil, with loose stones or an empty jar.

Wax is bleached to a considerable extent, and there are numerous tobacco factories, tanneries, breweries, vinegar works and brandy distilleries.

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There stood a tall bleached blonde who, Jackson guessed to be in her mid-forties, but she appeared younger thanks to cosmetic surgery and Pilates.

His bleached hair was disheveled, his eyes squinting at the hall light.

It is next strained, then bleached in the sunlight, and stored for exportation.

Other products and their values in 1900 and 1905 were as follows: brown or bleached sheetings and shirtings, 283,105,383 sq.

The pipes are assorted into sizes by passing them through graduated openings in a grilled wire frame, and those of good colour are bleached by the fumes of sulphur.

Sometimes various lichens occur abnormally in such unexpected habitats as dried dung of sheep, bleached bones of reindeer and whales, old leather, iron and glass, in districts where the species are abundant.

But the bleached eyeball, the scar, and the familiar weariness of his expression were still the same.