Sentence Examples with the word blatant

The blatant challenge warmed the fire in his blood, and he approached.

His blatant disregard for the laws regarding his imprisonment and assumed kidnapping of a dhjan guest would see him ordered before the Council, if not hurl him into a war he could ill afford.

Given her blatant ignorance of his rules, he had every probable cause to do so.

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Irrespective of the validity of some of the comments and the subtle innuendo, there was blatant hostility.

She rolled her eyes, uninterested in having such a blatant reminder of Toni's perfect body.

He lifted his head in blatant rejection.

She turned her back on him in blatant disregard he wasn't likely to misinterpret.

The cool toss of his head-- a blatant dismissal-- changed her mind again.

The blatant defiance was so sweetly uttered, he didn't know how to respond.

The two exchanged pleasantries and blatant flirtations as they walked to Chapman's, an upscale men's clothier.