Sentence Examples with the word blanket

She threw the pillow over her head, drawing the light blanket up against her chin.

He forced his blood to calm and tossed his dagger on the unappealing blanket before the hearth.

To this inconceivably slowly-growing deposit of inorganic material over the ocean floor there is added an overwhelmingly more rapid contribution of the remains of calcareous and siliceous planktonic and benthonic organisms, which tend to bury the slower accumulating material under a blanket of globigerina, pteropod, diatom or radiolarian ooze.

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By the time she brought lunch and a blanket down, he had a large area cleared under the cottonwood tree.

Until that point, eminent success lay just around the corner; now, absent any leads, a wave of despair descended over me like a blanket of morning fog.

She dropped back on the blanket and yanked it over her body.

The sand lay white around them like a blanket of snow.

Leaning forward, she relinquished the blanket and urged him to lie down on the couch.

She pulled the blanket around her shoulders and curled into a shivering ball, staring through the window into the darkness.

Plum-pudding is the term bestowed upon certain fragmentary parts of the whale's flesh, here and there adhering to the blanket of blubber, and often participating to a considerable degree in its unctuousness.