Sentence Examples with the word blame

It is a delightful novel, full of piquant expressions and thrilling adventures, (don't dare to blame me for using big words, since you do the same!) and, if you ever read it, I think you will enjoy it immensely.

If he is to be blamed in this particular matter, the blame must be chiefly confined to his imprudence in inviting Voltaire at the beginning and to the brutality of his conduct at the end.

The shrinks seemed to think young Donnie might feel he's to blame for what happened and that's why he lost his ability to speak, but Shipton disagrees.

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Fortunately for the king his subjects laid all the blame upon his mouthpiece the cardinal, instead of placing it where it was due.

During his diplomatic mission to France he had incurred blame for remaining at the opera while the Pretender was present,3 and according to the Mackintosh transcripts he had several secret interviews with him.

Polish historians, dazzled by his genius and valour, are apt to overlook his quasi-treasonable conduct and blame Sigismund III.

In the spring of 1535 the authorities of the Lyons hospital, considering that Rabelais had twice absented himself without leave, elected Pierre de Castel in his room; but the documents which exist do not seem to infer that any blame was thought due to him, and the appointment of his successor was once definitely postponed in case he should return.

At least he couldn't blame her for any lack of attention this time.

His parent would affix blame on his child.

The report of the Dardanelles commission, which was published in March '917, confirmed the view of the public that some of the blame for that mismanaged enterprise rightly attached to Mr. Churchill.