Sentence Examples with the word black and white

The main architectural features of Genoa are its medieval churches, with striped facades of black and white marble, and its magnificent 16th-century palaces.

Of vultures the black and white Egyptian variety (Neophron percnopterus) is most common.

There is one trogon - green and crimson, a brightly coloured ground thrush (Pitta), numerous woodpeckers and barbets; glossy starlings, the black and white African crow and a great variety of brilliantly coloured weaver birds, waxbills, shrikes and sun-birds.

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The rest of the spacious apartment was decorated in an identical black and white color scheme as the bedroom.

Giovanni Fuorcivitus (so called because it was outside the line of the earliest, pentagonal, enceinte of the middle ages), with one of the long sides elaborately adorned with small arcades in the Pisan style, in black and white marble, also with sculpture by Gruamons (1162) on the facade.

Close by to the south is the beautiful Loggia degli Osii, erected in 1316, with two loggie or open porticos, one above the other, in black and white marble.

The average length is about 40 in., and the general tone of colour tawny mingled with black and white above and whitish below, the tail having a black tip and likewise a dark glandpatch near the root of the upper surface.

On one side of the central courtyard of the latter building is a chapel with inscribed pedestals for imperial statues (2nd and 3rd century A.D.) and a well-preserved black and white mosaic representing a sacrifice (see J.

The cathedral is partly of the 12th century, with a porch and facade with small arcades - in black and white marble, as is the case with several other churches of Pistoiabut was remodelled in the 13th century, and modernized inside in the worst taste.

Some species characteristic of the more northerly regions - for example, the mountain ash, balsam fir, tamarack and black and white spruce - find here their southern or south-western limits.