Sentence Examples with the word bite

He stood and tossed the last bite into his mouth, washing it down with the last of his milk.

In the first place experiment has shown that biting-flies, other in all probability than the true, natural hosts, may at times transmit the parasites - as it were - accidentally, if, after feeding on an infected animal, they are allowed to bite a fresh one within a limited time.

It was only at the close of the 19th century that the true cause of malariathe conveyance of the infection by the bite of the Malaria..

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The discovery of the parasite of malaria by Laveran, and of the method by which it gains entrance to the human body, through the bite of a particular variety of mosquito, by Manson and Ross, promises much in the way of eradication of the disease in the future.

He casually spooned a bite of potato salad into his mouth and methodically chewed and swallowed it.

The attempt sometimes made to attribute an astronomical origin to the myths connected with his name is unsuccessful, except in the case of Orion's pursuit of Pleione and her daughters (see Pleiades) and his death from the bite of the scorpion; see also C. O.

He took a bite of food and watched her intently.

He took a bite and savored it for a moment.

The look on his face made her bite her tongue to keep from saying anything else.

Desire was mounting faster this time, as if her body anticipated what his bite would bring.