Sentence Examples with the word birthright

There was no birthright attaching to the position of eldest son, but he usually acted as executor and after considering what each had already received equalized the shares.

He was so called because he was red (admoni) and hairy when he was born, and the name Edom (red) was given to him when he sold his birthright to Jacob for a meal of red lentil pottage (Gen.

From the theological standpoint every individual is predestined either by his natural birthright to evil or by Divine Grace to good, and the absolute foreknowledge and omnipotence of God excludes even the possibility of any initiative on the part of the individual by means of which he might influence God's timeless choice.

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A dhjan's mate is bound to his people, to his birthright as he is.

But it really is no different than me thinking it is my birthright to be able to have freedom of speech.

A share of this was the birthright of every law-abiding member of the Feini who needed it.

The men who followed it knew that they were restoring humanity to its birthright after the expatriation of ten centuries.

He'd continue the war until he won back his planet and birthright by force, then find another way to heal his planet.