Sentence Examples with the word birger

The famous Birger Jarl undertook a crusade in Finland in 12 4 9, compelling the Tavastians, one of the subdivisions of the Finlanders proper, to accept Christianity, and building a castle at Tavestehus.

Stockholm was founded by Birger Jarl, it is said, in or about 1255, at a time when pirate fleets were less common than they had been, and the government was anxious to establish commercial relations with the towns which were now beginning to flourish on the southern coast of the Baltic. The city was originally founded as a fortress on the island of Stadholm.

The coronation of Birger Jarlsson Valdemar took place in the cathedral in 1251; and in the reign of Gustavus Vasa several important diets were held in the town.

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As a lawgiver also Birger laboured strenuously in the interests of civilization.

BRIDGET, BRIGITTA, BIRGITTA, OF SWEDEN, Saint (c. 13021 373), the most celebrated saint of the northern kingdoms, was the daughter of Birger Persson, governor and lagman (provincial judge) of Uppland, and one of the richest landowners of the country.

Of the Neva), was fought on the banks of the Neva (July 15,1240) against the famous Swedish statesman, Birger Jarl, whom he utterly defeated, besides wounding him with his lance.

BIRGER (?-1266), Swedish statesman, nephew of Birger Brosa, and the most famous member of the ancient noble family of the Folkungeatten, which had so much to say for itself in early Swedish history, was created jarl of Bjalbo by King Erik Eriksson in 1248 and married the king's sister.

On one side of it stands the old house of parliament; on the other a statue of Birger Jarl, the reputed founder of the city.

Its castle, erected by Birger Jarl in the 13th century, played an important part in the early annals of Sweden; and no fewer than twenty diets or important assemblies were held either in the castle or in the town.