Sentence Examples with the word biquadratic

The biquadratic parabola has, in its most general form, the equa 'tion' 4 -1-cx2 -1-dx -fie, and consists of a serpentinous and two parabolic branches (fig.

This concept is extended to algebra: since a line, surface and solid are represented by linear, quadratic and cubic equations, and are of one, two and three dimensions; a biquadratic equation has its highest terms of four dimensions, and, in general, an equation in any number of variables which has the greatest sum of the indices of any term equal to n is said to have n dimensions.

Running through these volumes in order, we have in the second the memoir, Summatio quarundam serierum singularium, the memoirs on the theory of biquadratic residues, in which the notion of complex numbers of the form a--bi was first introduced into the theory of numbers; and included in the Nachlass are some valuable tables.

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He was professor of mathematics in the university of Deseret and wrote several books on this subject, these including Cubic and Biquadratic Equations (1866).

In mathematics, the biquadratic power or root of a quantity is its fourth power or root (see ALGEBRA); a biquadratic equation is an equation in which the highest power of the unknown is the fourth (see EQUATION: Bgquadratic).