Sentence Examples with the word biographical

A biographical sketch will be found in his collected Scientific Papers (2 vols., 1906).

Some of his speeches were published under the title, Forty Years of Oratory (2 vols., Indianapolis, Indiana, 1898), edited by his three sons and his daughter, Harriet C. Voorhees, and with a biographical sketch by T.

See Carl Sell, Alice: Mittheilungen aus ihrem Leben and Briefen, eec. (Darmstadt, 1883), with English translation by the Princess Christian, Alice: biographical sketch and letters (1884).

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They came to inform him that a new edition of the English poets, from Cowley downwards, was in contemplation, and to ask him to furnish short biographical prefaces.

From Miss Sullivan's part of this report I give her most important comments and such biographical matter as does not appear elsewhere in the present volume.

A collected edition of his works, with a biographical preface, was published in 1737.

The materials thus obtained formed the basis of his historical and biographical works, which relate chiefly to the period of the Reformation.

Though never admitted into the inner circle of the king's associates, he found the king the most appreciative of readers and stimulating of companions, and the queen one of the most faithful of his friends; in biographical works and on other occasions he always defended the memory of the unfortunate monarch.

Janson, Der Feldzug 1814 in Frankreich (Berlin, 1903 - 1905): See also works mentioned under French Revolutionary Wars and under biographical headings, as well as the general histories of the time.

A collected edition of his works was published in England by Frances Power Cobbe (14 vols., 1863-1870), and another - the Centenary edition - in Boston, Mass., by the American Unitarian Association (14 vols., 1907-1911); a volume of Theodore Parker's Prayers, edited by Rufus Leighton and Matilda Goddard, was published in America in 1861, and a volume of Parker's West Roxbury Sermons, with a biographical sketch by Frank B.