Sentence Examples with the word biographic

By far the fullest guide to Bismarck's life is Horst Kohl's Fiirst Bismarck, Regesten zu einer wissenschaftlichen Biographic (Leipzig, 1891-1892), which contains a record of Bismarck's actions on each day, with references to and extracts from his letters and speeches.

Nohl, Biographic Haydns (Leipzig, Reclam); P. D.

Tissot, Memoires historiques et militaires sur Carnot (Paris, 1824); Arago, Biographic de Carnot (Paris, 1850); Hippolyte Carnot, Memoires sur Carnot (Paris, 1863); C. Remond, Notice biographique sur le grand Carnot (Dijon 1880); A.

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Much valuable detail will be found in the lives of Bavarian princes and statesmen in the Allgemeine deutsche Biographic (Leipzig, 1875-1906 in progr.) (W.

Of the Allgemeine deutsche Biographic (Leipzig, 1878); J.

Nau, Une Biographic inedite de Bardesane l'astrologue (1897); Bardesane l'astrologue: le livre des Lois des Pays (1899); A.

For the life good materials are to be found in the 3 vols., Aus Schelling's Leben in Briefen (3 vols., 1869-1870), in which a biographic sketch of the philosopher's early life is given by his son, and in J.

Renan, essai de biographic psychologique (1894); G.

Des Inscriptions, ix.; the articles in Biographic universelle (by A.

There is also the great series of volumes, primary and supplementary, forming the Ailgemeine deutsche Biographic (Leipzig, 1875, fol.), in which the word deutsche is interpreted in the widest possible sense.