Sentence Examples with the word bio

The next certain intelligence which we have of Rabelais is somewhat more directly bio 1 See S.

It lists your pic and all your bio info, which includes your favorite food down to the coffee.

Group V.: N, trivalent and pentavalent, but divalent in nitric oxide; P, As, Sb, Bi, trivalent and pentavalent, the last being possibly divalent in BiO and BiC1 2.

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Other members of the school were Arete, wife of Aristippus, Aristippus the younger (her son), Bio and Euhemerus.

The project is to rejuvenate an area once overgrown into an orchard increasing bio diversity and interest.

Bismuth dioxide, BiO or Bi 2 O 2, is said to be formed by the limited oxidation of the metal, and as a brown precipitate by adding mixed solutions of bismuth and stannous chlorides to a solution of caustic potash.