Sentence Examples with the word binder

Donnie had paid no attention to their conversation but having tired of his puzzle, picked up the notebook of letters and numbers and began to study it, turning the binder page by page.

Arms are adopted for the purpose of allowing one wire to fall clear of that beneath it, in the case of an insulator breaking or the securing binder giving way.

Central mass of fillers enveloped in an inner and an outer C cover, the former the binder and the latter the wrapper.

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For the binder whole leaf of the same quality as the fillers is used, but for the wrapper only selected leaves of the finest quality and colour, free from all injury, are employed.

There is a prejudice against the use of the binder in reaping barley, as it is impossible to secure uniformity of colour in the grain when the stalks are tightly tied in the sheaf, and the sun has not free access to those on the inside.

The woman checked a ring binder on the picnic table, running down the names with her finger.