Sentence Examples with the word bilobed

The foot is always simple, with its flat crawling surface extending from end to end, but in the embryo Limnaea it shows a bilobed character, which leads on to the condition characteristic of Pteropoda.

P. 115), has a bilobed carapace, ventrally open; Dendrogaster astericola, Knipovitch (Biologisches Centralblatt, 1891, x.

The young foot shows a bilobed form.

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The enteron itself becomes bilobed and is joined by a new invagination, that of the mouth and stomodaeum.

Its affinity with the giraffes is, however, clearly revealed by the structure of the skull and teeth, more especially the bilobed crown to the incisor-like lower canine teeth.

The fruit is usually a capsule opening by valves; the seeds, where four are developed, are each shaped like thy quadrant of a sphere; the seed-coat is smooth, or sometimes warty or hairy; the embryo is large with generally broad, folded, notched or bilobed cotyledons surrounded by a horny endosperm.

The accessory generative glands are the two vesiculae seminales, with the median third vesicle, or uterus masculinus, lying between them, the single bilobed prostate, and a pair of globular Cowper's glands.

This bilobed sac becomes entirely the liver in the adult; the intestine and stomach are formed from the pedicle of invagination, whilst the pharynx, oesophagus and crop form from the stomodaeal invagination ph.

The limb-buds early become bilobed and grow out into typical biramous appendages which gradually assume the characters found in the adult.

The mass of the arch-enteron or invaginated endodermal sac has taken on a bilobed form, and its cells are swollen (gs and tge).