Sentence Examples with the word billion

And if each of those billion people in turn shared a million of their life experiences, and you recorded them, you'd have an aggregate number of life experiences so large I had to look it up online.

Around the world, more than a billion mobile devices that both take and send photographs are currently in use, spread even to the poorest parts of the globe.

And yet pencils get made, more than a billion of them a year, and they are essentially given away.

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Now a billion or more can achieve that dream, and I foresee a time not far off when everyone on the planet can.

By the government's calculation, about 40 percent of India's population, or half a billion people, are below that level.

The approximate value of the world's oyster crop approaches f4,000,000 annually, representing over 30,000,000 bushels, or nearly Io billion oysters.

A billion consciences sitting under the serene surface of the water.

One guy from Iowa came along with some garbage bags and saved a billion lives.

British scientist Matt Ridley, author of The Rational Optimist, also offers a formula for feeding the nine billion even without any technical breakthroughs.

Strategy Analytics estimates over half a billion users browsed the web on their mobile devices in 2009 and expects a billion to do so by 2015.