Sentence Examples with the word bilingual

Some of them were already manifest when one of its author's colleagues, Schlegel (who had been employed to write the text for Susemihl's plates, originally intended to illustrate Temminck's work), brought out his bilingual Revue critique des oiseaux d'Europe (8vo, 1844), a very remarkable volume, since it correlated and consolidated the labours of French and German, to say nothing of Russian, ornithologists.

A wide variety of word combinations are found in a bilingual dictionary.

His Latin text is probably as ancient as the Greek text of Marcellus, because the Roman Church must always have been bilingual in its early days.

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Some important sculpture was found, and a large number of inscriptions, the most valuable being two bilingual texts, in Lydian-Aramaic and Lydian-Greek.

The Egyptian equivalents of six characters have been made out by the aid of bilingual cartouches.

In the bilingual inscriptions, Tibetan and Chinese, set up at Lhasa in 822, and published by Bushell in 1880, we remark that the silent letters were pronounced: Tib.

The monastic library contains some valuable MSS., especially a number of bilingual documents in Greek and Arabic, the earliest being dated 1144.

There is no doubt that Serapis was before long identified with Userhapi; the identification appears clearly in a bilingual inscription of the time of Ptolemy Philopator (221-205 B.C.), and frequently later.

Egypt had long been bilingual when, in papyri of the 2nd century AD,, we begin to find transcripts of the Egyptian language into Greek letters, the latter reinforced by a few signs borrowed from the demotic alphabet: so written we have a magical text and a horoscope, probably made by foreigners or for their use.

A bilingual inscription (Gallic and Latin) of the 2nd century B.C. was found as far south as Tuder, the modern Todi (Italic Dialects, ii.