Sentence Examples with the word bikers

Many of the bikers knew one another and there were groups traveling together, but there was equal representation of couples and solo bikers.

More bikers crowded the small luncheonette, amid happy carefree chatter, all but Cynthia Byrne who sat alone at a table near the back.

Dean lost his convoy of younger bikers on the short uphill and he paused momentarily at the crest to wipe his eyes and scan the roadway below him for his prey.

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The majority of the bikers remained on the course and with college recessed, the streets held only a few locals, waiting for the later rush of the 2,000 riders who'd roll into town.

But the bikers wouldn't have time for such excursions.

They rolled past South Fork, and 20 miles later, Del Norte, where the lead cadre of bikers hummed their way toward Monte Vista, 14 miles further, and then the final 17 miles to Alamosa.

Early Saturday morning, the two had boarded a charter bus with scores of bikers for the 372-mile, eight-hour trip to Cortez, Colorado, where they found a pleasant little town abuzz with the activity of 2,000 riders and hundreds of support personnel.

The two bikers had started down a slight but long downhill, less than a bike length apart, picking up speed as they rolled along.

The bikers wore helmets and most were in a low tuck position, making it difficult to get an identifying look at them.

Some of the bikers were Dean's age or older and a few were in physical shape that made you wonder if they realized what they were undertaking.