Sentence Examples with the word bike

Later, thinking back, he realized it was on that one-hour bike trip the first few seeds of comprehension began to sprout something besides weeds in the garden of his mind.

His bike lay several feet from him, its front wheel still turning lazily, its back wheel twisted at a grotesque angle.

It was for a pair of bike shoes.

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He continued testing the tension on his bike chain, wiping the grease on a paper napkin.

We're still following up on the electric bike but there are a lot of purchases to check, one by one.

Instead he mounted his bike and began the long climb up the hill, killing time before his Thursday night date.

He's barefoot after he leaves his shoes on the beach and needs some kind of footwear so he might as well get bike shoes; after all, he's biking.

I told him we were trying to trace the electric bike by its model but asked about checking hospitals.

Dean set his bike down and joined Franny in her car as she continued.

The two bikers had started down a slight but long downhill, less than a bike length apart, picking up speed as they rolled along.