Sentence Examples with the word bigoted

Declared guilty, after torture, he was sentenced to have his tongue cut out, to be beheaded and the body to be burned, a sentence which was confirmed by the parlement of Paris and the bigoted king Louis XV.

Something of the old enthusiasm seems to have passed to the inhabitants of Chorum, whom most travellers have found bigoted and fanatical Mahommedans (see J.G.C.Anderson, Studia Pontica, pp. 6 ff.).

A Turkish statesman of the old school, he was regarded as somewhat bigoted and opposed to the extension of foreign influence in Turkey.

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This accommodation of truth, by altering the form and substance of it to meet the views and secure the favour of ignorant and bigoted contemporaries, Morgan attributes also to the apostles and to Jesus.

It draws few students from foreign parts, 2 where the local schools are of the poorest kind, except in India (thanks to a British government) and perhaps in Constantinople., Bokhara was once a chief seat of learning, but is now so sunk in narrow fanaticism that its eighty madrasas (medresses) with their 5000 students only turn out a bigoted and foolish clergy (V5.mbery).

Was by conviction a sincere though not a bigoted Catholic; and nobody suspected that beneath his diplomatic urbanity lay a patriotic firmness and statesmanlike qualities of the first order.

Of these the narrowest, most puritanical, and most bigoted was the Dopper sect, to which Kruger belonged.

A bigoted Sunni, he resolved on putting down the Shiite heresy, which had gained many adherents in Turkey: the number of these was estimated as high as 40,000.

The new elector, a keen but not a very bigoted Calvinist, was one of the most active of the Protestant princes.

Though a libertine and a free-thinker, he had championed the most bigoted and tyrannical high-church measures.