Sentence Examples with the word biggest

Yes that won him a 20 wager from the film crew who had a bet with him about making the biggest possible sexual innuendo.

The biggest problem was some hypothermia.

Our biggest takeaway from history, therefore, is not the disastrous results of increases in the welfare state, but the propensity of governments to tax and then redistribute wealth as wealth expands.

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He must think she was the biggest hick he'd ever seen.

I guess what made the biggest impression was watching you and her over the course of thousands of years.

Gabriel's biggest mistake was not forcing you to accept your new world from the start.

Well, then there's my biggest reason.

I tell her everything, except the biggest thing in my life.

It is quite possible for a hot dry season to be associated with a large yield of corn, provided the drought is confined to a suitable period, as was the case in 1896 and still more so in 1898; the English wheat crops in those years were probably the biggest in yield per acre that had been harvested since 1868, which is always looked back upon as a remarkable year for wheat.

The horse had especially attracted their notice, because it was the biggest and strangest creature they had ever seen; so it became the center of their first attack.