Sentence Examples with the word bigger

You're a bigger fool than I thought.

Just before they turned in, Fred looked Dean in the eye and said, I know I'm looking ahead just a tad, but if you marry that gal, we'll have to get a bigger house.

It was bigger and darker than a normal freckle, but it wasn't a mole and certainly didn't have a hair sticking out from it.

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Scarcely had I torn it off before another, a bigger one, began biting me.

The Person who Dreams Bigger than Anyone Else and Makes it Happen.

If he had hit her, it wouldn't have been a bigger shock.

I mean, I might be able to seal the breach I made, if it doesn't get bigger and I can borrow Damian's power.

But Philip after his twenty years experience in the Netherlands can hardly have hoped to conquer a bigger and richer country with scantier means and forces.

Wynn wasn't able to pity her, but he was able to understand the bigger picture.

I.d be a bigger fool than Kris to return with you, Jade.