Sentence Examples with the word bigamy

Criminal jurisdiction is always regarded as purely territorial, but bigamy (together with homicide and treason) is an exception to this rule.

The marriage wherever solemnized must be a valid marriage according to the law of the place of solemnization; if void there, no prosecution for bigamy can be founded upon it.

In the United States the law in regard to bigamy is practically founded on the English statute of 1604, with the exception that imprisonment and a fine, varying in the different states, were substituted instead of making the offence a felony.

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He was often at variance with Philip, whose bigamy he disliked, and his belief in the pacific intentions of Charles V.

The statesmanlike qualities displayed on this occasion were unavailing to avert the storm of indignation conjured up by Crispi's opponents in connexion with a charge of bigamy not susceptible of legal proof.

Poverty excused bigamy on the part of a deserted wife.

The document sanctioning the bigamy of the landgrave was signed by Martin Bucer, Luther and Melanchthon, and is a humiliating paper.

The unity and the power of the league of Scbmalkalden were being undermined by two important events, the Th Jr bigamy of Philip of Hesse, which for political reasons defats.

In Moldavia he appeared as a moral reformer, endeavouring to put down the prevalent vices of bigamy and divorce.

Congress has passed a statute declaring bigamy within the territories and places within the exclusive jurisdiction of the United States to be a misdemeanour (U.S. Rev. Stat.