Sentence Examples with the word bida

The capital town of Bida was taken and the emir deposed.

The administrative district of Bida includes the town and is the western division of the province of Nupe.

The Bida goblets, in which brass and copper are beautifully blended, are of extremely elegant design.

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From Bida the expedition marched to Illorin, where again the whole district submitted to the authority of the company.

Railway from Baro on the Niger via Bida and Zaria to Kano - a distance of about 400 m.

The streets are planted with huge shade-trees, so that as Bida is approached it looks like a forest.

In 1897 there was a two-days' fight outside the walls of Bida between the forces of the emir of Nupe and those of the Royal Niger Company, ending in the defeat of the Fula army (mostly cavalry).