Sentence Examples with the word bibliothek

Hahn, Bibliothek der Symbole u.

Thorbecke, Geschichte der Universited Heidelberg (Stuttgart, 1886); the Urkundenbuch der Universiteit Heidelberg, edited by Winkelmann (Heidelberg, 1886); Bah:, Die Entfiihrung der Heidelberger Bibliothek nach Rom (Leipzig, 1845); and G.

Ludwig Hahn, Bibliothek der Symbole, 3rd edition (Breslau, 1897), 183 ff.; for translations compare the Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, 2nd series, iv.

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His works include Evangelische Glaubenslehre (1759); Auszug der Kirchengeschichte (1743-1762); Primae lineae breviarii antiquitatum Christianarum (1747); Geschichte der Religionsparteien (1760); Nachricht von merkwiirdigen Biichern (1752-1757); Nachrichten von einer hallischen Bibliothek (1748-1751).

He edited the Bibliothek deutscher Geschichte, writing for this series, Deutsche Geschichte im Zeitalter der Griindung des preussischen Konigtums (Stuttgart, 1887-94); and Deutsche Geschichte von der Auflosung des alten bis zur Griindung des neuen Reiches (Stuttgart, 1897-1905).

At this time Lessing began the study of medieval literature to which attention had been drawn by the Swiss critics, Bodmer and Breitinger, and wrote occasional criticisms for Nicolai's Bibliothek der schonen Wissenschaften.

He became (1756-1759) the leading spirit of Nicolai's important literary undertakings, the Bibliothek and the Literaturbriefe, and ran some risk (which Frederick's good nature obviated) by somewhat freely criticizing the poems of the king of Prussia.

By Buck in the Bibliothek des liter.

It was the first attempt to apply the form of the weekly political journal to learned subjects, and was imitated in the Vermischte Bibliothek (1718-1720) and the Bibliotheca novissima (1718-1721), both founded by J.

Reducing now both the Assyrian and Biblical dates to a common standard, 2 and adopting for the latter the computations of Ussher, we obtain the following singular series of discrepancies: Manifestly all the Biblical dates earlier than 733-732 B.C. are too high, and must be considerably reduced: the two events, also, in Hezekiah's reign-the fall of Samaria and the invasion of Sennacherib-which the compiler of the book of Kings treats as separated by an interval of eight years, were separated in reality by an interval of twenty-one years.4 1 See George Smith, The Assyrian Eponym Canon (1875), pp. 2 9 ff., 57 ff.; Schrader, Keilinschriftliche Bibliothek (transcriptions and translations of Assyrian and Babylonian inscriptions), i.