Sentence Examples with the word biblioteca

The Biblioteca italiana (1816-1840) was founded at Milan by the favour of the Austrian government, and the editorship was offered to and declined by Ugo Foscolo.

Thence the Via Bollo leads to the Piazza della Rosa, in which is situated the renowned Biblioteca Ambrosiana, erected in1603-1609by Fabio Manzone, to whom the Palazzo del Senato is also due, rich in MSS.

The Biblioteca Nazionale, originally founded by Antonio Magliabecchi in 1747, enjoys the Libraries.

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The Biblioteca Marucelliana, founded in 1752, contains 150,000 books, including 620 incunabula, 17,000 engravings and 1500 MSS.; it is well managed and chiefly remarkable for its collection of illustrated works and art publications.

Several papers by him, on mineralogical subjects, appeared in the Biblioteca Italiana from 1816 to 1823.

Of the Biblioteca de autores espanoles; this is supplemented by the Obras postumas (3 vols., Madrid, 1867-1868).

The largest collection of the Cid ballads is that of Durant, in the Romancero general, in two volumes, forming part of Rivadeneyra's Biblioteca de autores espanoles.

Don Jose Quintana has summarized the two chronicles in his life of Luna in the Vidas de Espanoles celebres; Biblioteca de Autores Espanoles (Madrid, 1846-1880), vol.

The Biblioteca Riccardiana, founded in the 16th century by Romolo Riccardi, contains nearly 4000 MSS., over 32,000 books and 650 incunabula, chiefly relating to Florentine history.

Portugal still lacks a collection equivalent to Rivadeneyra's Biblioteca de autores espanoles, contenting itself with the Parnasso lusitano (6 vols., 1826) and a Corpus illustrium poetarum lusitanorum qui latine scripserunt (1745-1748), and though much has been accomplished to make the classics more available, even yet no correct, not to say critical, texts of many notable writers exist.