Sentence Examples with the word bibliographical

Better known as Utopia, was printed at Louvain in 1516, under the superintendence of Erasmus, and appeared in many subsequent editions, many of them of great bibliographical value, the finest being the Basel edition of 1518.

In 1802 he published a Bibliographical Dictionary in six volumes, to which he afterwards added a supplement.

Journal (1906); Mauch's report in Ausland (1872) is now only of bibliographical interest, while Bent's Ruined Cities of Mashonaland (1892) and R.

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Detailed accounts of the developments of the various branches if the subject from the beginning of the 19th century to the present time, with full bibliographical references, are given in the f)urth volume (edited by Professor F.

The literature of the subject is very extensive, and bibliographical indexes may be found in the Geographical Dictionary of P. Semenov, appended to the articles devoted respectively to the names given above, as also in the yearly Indexes by M.

There is difference of opinion as to the historical importance of both Elijah and Elisha; for a useful summary of views, as also for fuller bibliographical information, see W.

For a Labour bibliographical lists for each division of the text.

A series of bibliographical leaflets for the use of teachers is issued by the Historical Association.

For bibliographical information about the Megarians, see Euclides; Eubulides; Diodorus Cronus; Stilpo.

He lef t Venice for Rome; his library was offered for sale; and in 1821 he published at Pisa a catalogue raisonne, rich in bibliographical lore, of this fine collection, the result of thirty years of loving labour, which in 1824 was purchased en bloc by Pope Leo XII., and added to the Vatican library.