Sentence Examples with the word beware

Above all things Denmark was to beware of making enemies of France and Sweden at the same time.

While he must beware of hasty speech, he has often to plead that new knowledge does not really threaten faith; or that it is not genuinely established knowledge at all; or else, that faith has mistaken its own grounds, and will gain strength by concentrating on its true field.

And if here and there, as one can scarcely doubt, there was among the old Moslems a lover of poetry who had his difficulties about this dogma, he had to beware of uttering an opinion which might have cost him his head.

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At the same time we must beware of carrying this sifting operation too far, - as NOldeke now believes himself to have done in his earlier works, and as Sprenger also sometimes seems to do.

Accordingly, on the 26th of May i8o5, in the cathedral at Milan, he crowned himself with the iron crown of the old Lombard kings, using the traditional formula, God gave it me: let him beware who touches it.

Yet we must beware of regarding Barnabas as merely a fine character; he plays too prominent a part in the New Testament for any such limitation.

If ye touch at the islands, Mr. Flask, beware of fornication.

I say, beware of all enterprises that require new clothes, and not rather a new wearer of clothes.