Sentence Examples with the word bevel

Conical or Bevel and Disk WheelsFrom Principles III.

Casing, having a collar to fit water-tight on the bevel shoulder, is inserted.

In heraldry, a bevel is an angular break in a line.

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The Power Was Transmitted To The Paddles By Bevel Wheels F, G, Rotating A Spindle Passing Through A Stuffing Box In The Bottom Of The Calorimeter.

The mechanic's instrument known as a bevel consists of a rule with two arms so jointed as to be adjustable to any angle.

The wheel D, keyed to the shaft overcoming the resistance to be measured, is driven from wheel N by two bevel wheels L, L, carried in a loose pulley K.

This system presents the greatest advantages in point of economy of driving power, especially where the gradients are variable, but is expensive in first cost, and is not well suited for curves, and branch roads cannot be worked continuously, as a fresh set of pulleys worked by bevel gearing is required for each branch.

One of those consists in forming the rim of each wheel into a series of alternate ridges and grooves parallel to the plane of rotation; it is applicable to cylindrical and bevel wheels, but not to skew-bevel wheels.

The varnish to fix the webs is applied, not on the surface T as is usual, but on a bevel for the purpose,' the position of the webs depending on their tension to keep them in their furrows.

Constant; the line of contact is constant in position, and the rolling surfaces of the wheels are regular circular cones (when they are called bevel wheels); or one of a pair of wheels may have a flat disk for its rolling surface, as W2 in fig.