Sentence Examples with the word betterment

The records of printing indicate that religious, social and economic betterment was the subject of an ever-increasing number of pamphlets.

They were introduced by the Franciscans (as were various other subtropical fruits, pears and grapes), but their scientific betterment and commercial importance date from about 1885.

Every avenue toward the betterment of their condition was practically closed.

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Moreover, it should be noted that Campeggio's diplomacy was really the beginning of an effective betterment of the old Church, such as had been discussed for two or three centuries.

Just tell her the Parkside Betterment Society voted for Billie and Willie to improve the city by getting lost.

His strong common sense and sound practical judgment led him to adopt a policy of conciliation towards the native princes, and to promote measures tending to the betterment of the condition of the people.

Wheat is grown year after year without rotation - except in a few cases - on a third or more of our wheat acreage; not one acre in fifty is directly fertilized for the crop, and only a minimum amount of attention is given to the betterment of seed stock.

The past generation has seen many improvements in printing machinery, all tending to an increased production, and generally to the betterment of the work turned out.

He did not at first speak very often, though he showed an active interest both in legal questions and in Chamberlain's schemes of social betterment and imperial unity.

In March 1179 Alexander held the third Lateran synod, a brilliant assemblage, reckoned by the Roman church as the eleventh oecumenical council; its acts embody several of the pope's proposals for the betterment of the condition of the church, among them the present law requiring that no one may be elected pope without the votes of two-thirds of the cardinals.