Sentence Examples with the word better off

I told them they would be better off listing it in an Arkansas paper.

The Comtists are no better off than other utilitarians in judging policy, events, conduct.

But isolated examples of high speeds do not give the traveller much information as to the train service at his disposal, for on the whole he is better off with a large number of trains all maintaining a good average of speed than with a service mostly consisting of poor trains, but leavened with one or two exceptionally fast ones.

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Mrs. Byrne, looking embarrassed at the confusion, suggested that she and Dean might be better off talking on the back deck.

Beside being better off than they already, if my house had been burned or my crops had failed, I should have been nearly as well off as before.

Other things being equal, the broker would be better off if he could hedge with equal ease against all his risks.

You were better off than before, in terms of making a knowledgeable decision.

No matter though, I know many chaps that hav'n't got any,--good luck to 'em; and they are all the better off for it.

I reckon that's something that needs to be done, and them children would be better off with a woman looking after them.

Comforted by the familiar sensation, she sensed she was better off trusting Fate than the Dark One.