Sentence Examples with the word better known

Mollusca was that of the Nuda, better known as Tunicata.

The name Phinehas (apparently of Egyptian origin) is better known as that of a son of Eli, a member of the priesthood of Shiloh, and Eleazar is only another form of Eliezer the son of Moses, to whose kin Eli is said to have belonged.

The equation of light, the constant of aberration, and the parallactic inequality of the moon; the value of the velocity of propagation of light enters in the reduction of the two first, but as this is better known than the sun's parallax, no disadvantage results.

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But this is altogether wrong, and the proofs offered, when rightly sifted, are often seen to rest upon the distortion of Heraclitean doctrine in the reports of later writers, to assimilate it to the better known but essentially distinct innovations of the Stoics.

I'm Lieutenant Colonel Denisov, better known as 'Vaska,' said Denisov, pressing Prince Andrew's hand and looking into his face with a particularly kindly attention.

Tausen found a diligent fellow-worker in Jurgen Viberg, better known as Sadolin, whose sister, Dorothea, he married, to the great scandal of the Catholics.

Soon the March of Dimes campaign became better known than the organization it benefitted.

The Talitridae, better known as sandhoppers, can forgo the briny shore and content themselves with the damp foliage of inland forests or casual humidity in the crater of an extinct volcano.

Teobaldo Mannucci, better known as Aldo Manuzio, the founder of the Aldine press, was born in 1450 at Sermoneta in the Papal States.

Rodrigo Diaz, called de Bivar, from the place of his birth, better known by the title given him by the Arabs as the Cid (El Seid, the lord), and El Campeador, the champion par excellence, was of a noble family, one of whose members in a former generation had been elected judge of Castile.