Sentence Examples with the word betrayer

He is always enumerated last with the special mention of the fact that he was the betrayer of Jesus.

Your father's betrayer planted a traitor among those closest to you.

It was here she first met him, the betrayer who would eventually kill her.

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He feels it was an affront to him because the betrayer who murdered our father came from his family.

The tightness that filled his chest whenever he thought of his betrayer and lover unfurled.

The Council wants nothing to do with them and views the presence of your father's betrayer and your people on the planet as a sign the Yirkin are willing to share your planet rather than take it over.

When all was ready in May 1605 Fawkes was despatched to Flanders to acquaint Sir William Stanley, the betrayer of Deventer, and the intriguer Owen with the plot.