Sentence Examples with the word betray

A word to the wise, don't betray someone like Xander.

Gabe drew a breath, expecting Andre wouldn't betray the confidence of his mate.

But it wasn't in her to hurt someone or betray someone else.

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Kris knew his brother too well to know he'd not betray the trust of anyone, even a man who wanted to kill him.

Of all the Somali the Rahanwin betray the largest infusion of negroid blood.

That I let them die fast is not something I'll do for you if you betray me again.

You didn't betray my trust.

For the many favours he had received, including his marquisate, of which the brother was despoiled for his benefit, was led in 1536 to betray his country, being scared by the glorious prophecies of the ultimate success of Charles V.

Risings broke out at Urbino and in Romagna, and the papal troops were defeated; Cesare could find no allies, and it seemed as though all Italy was about to turn against the hated family, when the French king promised help, and this was enough to frighten the confederates into coming to terms. Most of them had shown very little political or military skill, and several were ready to betray each other.

His hands on her arms made her body betray her again.