Sentence Examples with the word best to

The effect of the unsettled policy of the Post Office until 1905 and of the difficulties created by the local authorities was that the National Telephone Company was never able to do its best to develop the enterprise on the most efficient lines.

He nodded and murmured he'd try his best to be there.

The Moscovites felt that something was wrong and that to discuss the bad news was difficult, and so it was best to be silent.

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He tried his fortune by writing doges of famous persons, then a favourite practice; and in 1771 his eloge on Fenelon was pronounced next best to Laharpe's by the Academy.

The only animals belonging to Spain still noted for their excellence are mules and asses, which are recognized as among the best to be found anywhere.

It was best to stay where she was, but she needed to let someone know she was here.

Elizabeth and Burghley were inclined to try an alliance with the Scottish king, and the event justified their policy, which Walsingham did his best to frustrate, although deserted on this occasion by his chief regular supporter, Leicester.

But she certainly did her best to ruin her own chances by showing an unwise arrogance, and a determination toresume at once all the powers that her father had possessed.

He did his best to get at the real facts, and after a number of conferences with the leaders became so convinced that nothing but a separate administration of the two countries would restore tranquillity that he promised to use his influence with his father to bring about that object - on receiving assurances that the personal union under the house of Orange would be maintained.

Nor did I at all object to the hint from Queequeg that perhaps it were best to strike a light, seeing that we were so wide awake; and besides he felt a strong desire to have a few quiet puffs from his Tomahawk.