Sentence Examples with the word best friend

Aw well, you and your best friend just aren't as good as The Jake.

She seemed untroubled that her best friend tried to seduce her husband.

Dusty's words floored him, and Damian couldn't help but feel hurt that his best friend hadn't told him of his suspicions sooner.

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A friend, certainly, but their relationship was so romantic that best friend didn't seem like a good description.

Kiera managed a hurt tone and rolled on her side to frown at her blurry best friend of fifteen years.

She'd just discovered her best friend was some sort of dead Immortal, one she'd raised from the grave after she fucked over Death to the point he hated the only mate he'd get the billions of years he was alive.

That she, a starving artist who'd been dragged across the universe because her best friend felt sorry for her, was the key to saving an entire race of people was unimaginable.

A second engine, the West Point, also built at West Point Foundry for the South Carolina railroad, differed from the Best Friend in having a horizontal boiler with 6 or 8 tubes, though in other respects it was similar.

In fact, she was so keyed up when she reached her apartment that she decided to call her best friend with the news.

Though rough around the edges, Rhyn was the best friend Gabriel had ever had.