Sentence Examples with the word berliner

Shadwell, Industrial Efficiency (London, 1906); Berliner Jahrbuch fur Handel and Industrie (1905); and O.

In course of time a large number of similar publications were issued, some illustrated, for instance: Illustrierte Zeitung (Leipzig, 1843), Berliner Illustrierte Zeitung (1892), Die Woche (1899) the last the most widely circulated of the kind, 500,000 being printed.

Streckfuss, goo Jahre Berliner Geschichte (new ed.

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On the 4th of April 1877 Emile Berliner filed a caveat in the United States patent office, in which he stated that, on the principle of the variation with pressure of the resistance at the contact of two conductors, he had made an instrument which could be used as a telephone transmitter, and that, in consequence of the mutual forces between the two parts of the current on the two sides of the point of contact, the instrument was capable of acting as a receiver.

The two Roman Catholic churches, the castle, now the commandant's house (built in 1417), the Berliner Tor Berlin gate - (built in 1722 and recently restored), the LowerRhenish museum of antiquities and the modern gymnasium and military hospital, are among the other chief buildings.

The Berliner Neueste Nachrichten, commenting on this appointment, very aptly characterized the relations of the new chancellor to the emperor, in contrast to the position occupied by Bismarck.

Meyer, Sitzungsberichte der Berliner Akademie, 1908, pp. 14 ff.; Zeitschrift fiir vergleichende Sprachforschung, 42, 1908, pp. 24 ff.).

P. 781 (1907); Skschivan and Stefansky in Berliner klinische Wochenschrift (February II, 1907); Vaillard and Dopter, on the treatment by antidysenteric serum, Annales de l'Institut Pasteur, No.

Two gateways, the Kdnigstor and the Berliner Tor, remains of the old fortifications, are still standing.

And die Berliner Meirzrevolution (Halle, 1901); H.