Sentence Examples with the word berbers

The Berbers rose in revolt, slaughtered the unfortunate governor, and put in his place the former governor Mahommed b.

In 1248 Tlemcen was captured The by Abu Yahia Yarmorasen (Ghamarasan) who was Sultanate of chief of the Zenata tribe of Berbers and claimed Tlemcen.

Turks, Arabs and Berbers are the ruling castes, and negroes act as labourers and domestics.

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On the other hand, saints, both male and female, are paid more reverence by Berbers than by Arabs.

The Berbers have many industries.

In regard to the ethnic relations of the Berbers there has been much dispute.

But the Berbers of to-day are little more than an incomplete fusion of some four earlier and once independent stocks.

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An affinity exists between the Berbers of Jerba and the Beni Mzab.

All North Africa was ravaged by the invaders, who, though unable to found an empire or overthrow the settled government in the towns, forced the agricultural Berbers into the mountains, and, retaining from generation to generation their lawless and predatory habits, made order and prosperity almost impossible in the open parts of the country until its effective occupations by the French.