Sentence Examples with the word benzoic acid

Nitration of benzoic acid gives chiefly meta-nitro-benzoic acid.

Dorp (Ber.,1874,7,P.578) obtained orthobenzoyl benzoic acid by heating phthalic anhydride with benzene in the presence of aluminium chloride.

It owes its value to the benzoic acid which it contains.

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He investigated the relation of benzene to benzoic acid and to other derivatives.

Mitscherlich prepared it in 1834 by distilling benzoic acid with lime; and in 1845 Hofmann discovered it in coal-tar.

The salts of benzoic acid are known as the benzoates and are mostly soluble in water.

Nitric acid oxidizes it to benzoic acid and acetic acid.

Ethyl benzoate, C 6 H S 000C 2 H 5, is best prepared by boiling benzoic acid and alcohol with a small quantity of sulphuric acid for some hours (E.

It is excreted when many aromatic compounds, such as benzoic acid and toluene, are taken internally.

On the other hand, it differs from the aliphatic aldehydes in many respects; it does not form an addition product with ammonia but condenses to hydrobenzamide (C 6 H 5 CH) 3 N 2; on shaking with alcoholic potash it undergoes simultaneous oxidation and reduction, giving benzoic acid and benzyl alcohol (S.