Sentence Examples with the word benefit

Persons denying the Trinity were deprived of the benefit of the Act of Toleration by an act of 1688.

Moreover, to promote their own convenience, they readily allowed the king to assess as well as to collect the taxes, which consequently tended to become regular and permanent, while Matthias' reform of the treasury, which was now administered by specialists with separate functions, was economically of great benefit to the state.

There was no confiscation of lands for the benefit of intrusive Danish settlers.

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Turgot's best known work, Reflexions sur la formation et la distribution des richesses, was written early in the period of his intendancy for the benefit of two young Chinese students.

Mutual benefit societies have increased rapidly, both because their advantages have been appreciated, and because, until recently, the state had taken no steps directly to insure workmen against illness.

Martineau, who was in his youth denied the benefit of a university education, yet in his age found famous universities eager to confer upon him their highest distinctions.

Optimists view the same system as a form of social justice whereby the benefits of civilization, markets, technology, and modernity, which all disproportionately benefit the rich and talented, are more equitably distributed to the entire society, even those shortchanged by fate.

Wealthy nations by and large elect their rulers, so quite clearly a majority prefer to spend incremental income buying more government services, even services that do not benefit them directly.

His wealth and power were enlarged by gift of the parliament which met on the 14th and rose on the 19th of April - a date made notable by the subsequent supper at Ainslie's tavern, where Bothwell obtained the signatures of its leading members to a document affirming his innocence, and pledging the subscribers to maintain it against all challengers, to stand by him in all his quarrels and finally to promote by all means in their power the marriage by which they recommended the queen to reward his services and benefit the country.

It received the benefit of Isidore Geoffroy St-Hilaire's assistance.