Sentence Examples with the word beneficed

The Assembly not only adopted this constitution but decreed that all beneficed ecclesiastics should swear to its observance.

Some 330 out of a possible total of 520 incumbents were now ejected in South Wales and Monmouthshire, and there is every reason to suppose that the beneficed clergy of North Wales suffered equally under the new system.

In the English Church these priest-vicars remain in the cathedrals of the old foundations as beneficed clergy on the foundation; in the cathedrals of the new foundation they are paid by the chapters.

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By a decree of the Lateran council of 1215, which was enforced in England, no clerk can hold two benefices with cure of souls, and if a beneficed clerk shall take a second benefice with cure of souls, he vacates ipso facto his first benefice.

Bishops and beneficed incumbents (cures) must be regularly tried; and where the Church is established the canonical courts are recognized.