Sentence Examples with the word belvedere

His palace in Vienna, and the Belvedere near that city, his library, and his collection of paintings, were renowned.

Environs: The Bardo Palace, Zaghwan, eec. - The environs of Tunis are picturesque and afford many beautiful views, the finest being from the hill on the south-east, crowned by a French fort, and from the Belvedere already mentioned.

ALIPUR, a suburb of Calcutta, containing Belvedere House, the official residence of the lieutenant-governor of Bengal, and a number of handsome mansions.

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By his influence Leonardo and his train were accommodated with apartments in the Belvedere of the Vatican.

Bilbao; Count de Belvedere (ii,000) near Burgos; reserves (57,000) were assembling about Segovia, Talavera and Cordova; Catalonia was held by 23,000, and Madrid had been reoccupied.

Pointe de Tanneverge Belvedere (Aigs.

About a mile and a half north of the centre of the European quarter, on the slopes of a hill rising 270 ft., is the Parc du Belvedere covering some 240 acres and commanding extensive views.