Sentence Examples with the word bellicose

He is said to have remarked with an oath after Jena that he would make the Spanish Bourbons pay for their recent bellicose proclamation.

It was one of several bellicose statements by one of its coalition partners.

They will become more bellicose rather than diplomatic, more self-righteous and dismissive when criticized.

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He had a bellicose attitude toward trying to break the deadlock on the Western Front.

His pacific tendencies were shown by his systematic opposition to all bellicose excitement, by his maintaining M.

He was averse from violence, and never resorted to bellicose acts or to the employment of force save in the last extremity.

The knight who joined the Crusades might thus still indulge the bellicose side of his genius - under the aegis and at the bidding of the Church; and in so doing he would also attain what the spiritual side of his nature ardently sought - a perfect salvation and remission of sins.

Was resolved upon a rupture at the first convenient opportunity, while the nation was, if possible, even more bellicose than the king.

Instead of living in towns its bellicose inhabitants occupy isolated fortified buildings, and are constantly at war.

This bellicose policy, however, brought him into collision with the queen, who feared that the outbreak of war would diminish the revenues which she squandered in selfindulgence.